eTwinning Plus Azerbaijan

What is eTwinning?
eTwinning is part of the European Union's Lifelong Learning programme and provides an online platform for educational staff to communicate, collaborate, develop projects and be part of the most exciting learning community in Europe. The eTwinning community has grown substantially, since its inception in 2005 and there are currently almost 200,000 teachers registered on the eTwinning platform.

So, what is eTwinning Plus?
eTwinning Plus is a partial extension of eTwinning to the neighbourhood of Europe. Europe's Neighbourhood policy was developed in 2004 and has the objective of deepening the relationship between countries in the European Union and those countries in the immediate 'neighbourhood'.

So which countries are involved?
The eTwinning Plus pilot includes six countries from the European neighbourhood - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, which are part of the Eastern Partnership and Tunisia, which is part of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EUROMED).

Why involve more countries in eTwinning?
eTwinning Plus supports 'contacts between people', one of the core objectives of the Neighbourhood policy. eTwinning has shown that contact between schools and teachers in Europe is incredibly beneficial to the people involved - education is a key building-block in our society and contact between people in the European neighbourhood will help us develop intercultural understanding and friendships. We hope that this, in turn, will engender mutual respect and provide stability, right across the European neighbourhood, as we shape the 21st century.

How are eTwinning Plus schools supported in their own countries?
Each country involved in eTwinning Plus has appointed a Partner Support Agency (PSA), whose job it is to provide training and support for the schools and teachers who have been selected to participate in their country.

How can I get involved?
If you would like your school to become part of eTwinning Plus and you are from one of the countries listed above, then you should contact the Partner Support Agency in your country, to let them know that you are interested.

And what happens then?
The Partner Support Agency is responsible for registering the schools in their country. If your school is selected, then you will be given access to the eTwinning Desktop, where you can find eTwinning schools and teachers who are available for an eTwinning Plus partnership. eTwinning Plus schools can get involved in eTwinning projects with schools from a minimum of two eTwinning countries.

eTwinning Plus Azerbaijan in numbers

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