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Azerbaijan together with other 5 countries has joined eTwinning Plus project this year. This project is funded by European Commission and is partial extension of eTwinning project for European countries founded in 2005. The main goal of eTwinning Plus project is to promote online collaboration of teachers from eTwinning Plus countries with their counterparts from Europe through joint projects. The project is implemented by Madad Azerbaijan, which is a Partner Support Agency (PSA) for the project and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Selected teachers are registered on the platform by PSA and have an opportunity to implement joint educational projects in their classrooms, cooperating with teachers from Europe. Students are also invited to the portal for joint work with teachers and students from Europe by exchanging views, experiences and culture. Thus, eTwinning plus serves also as a platform for cultural exchange to participating teachers and students.

By participating in the project, the educators improve their knowledge, competences and skills and develop pedagogical skills. The students benefit from collaboration and team work, learn about other cultures and use ICT tools with confidence. read more »

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