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  • eTwinning Plus Expands in Azerbaijan

    On October 24, the Ministry of Education and Madad Azerbaijan held the press conference dedicated to the results of the eTwinning Plus project implementation in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event that took place at the Ministry's Bureau on ICT for Education and gathered media and educators from twenty participant schools.

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  • Azerbaijan's Experience in ICT for Education Discussed in Moldova

    VI Annual Moldova ICT Summit organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies and Ministry of Education took place in the capital Chisinau on April 16-17. Every year the event brings together more than 1,000 high-rank government officials...

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  • Madad Azerbaijan Teaches IT Skills for Medical Staff

    With the support of the Health Sector Reform Project at the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic and World Bank "Madad Azerbaijan" launched the series of training sessions on "The Basics of IT for Medical Staff" to provide basic ICT literacy for 617 medical staff from...

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  • Education Managers of Local Education Departments and Secondary School Principals Learn Application of New Curriculum

    As one of the implementing organizations of the Second Education Sector Development Project (ESDP) for Azerbaijan...

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  • Madad Azerbaijan Trains Civil Servants on Management Information Systems

    During December 10-14, 2012, Madad Azerbaijan organized the Management Information Systems (MIS) training at the Training and Resource Center of the Ministry of Education for 20 civil servants...

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  • Madad Represents Azerbaijan's ICT in Education Program Achievements at Intel® Corporation V Annual International Conference

    More than 100 education experts from the CIS countries convened in Moscow on November 28-29 to discuss the challenges of the...

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  • Madad Part of Nationwide Initiative to Support New State Curriculum Implementation in Azerbaijan

    In July 2012, Madad Azerbaijan started providing extensive training services on the new fifth grade school curriculum for the educators throughout the country. The training is held within the frameworks...

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  • E-Resources Successfully Integrated into Azerbaijani Classrooms

    During the recent years, Azerbaijan took unprecedented steps toward integrating modern ICT into educational process, as a respond to the demand of the technical age. One of the main issues on the Government's agenda is the informatization...

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  • Madad Shares Azerbaijan’s Educational Experience in Uzbekistan

    On January 25-27, Madad Azerbaijan representatives took part at the conference held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and dedicated to sharing international best practices on the integration of ICT in education...

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  • Madad Azerbaijan Presented at 2011 BakuTel

    On November 23-26, Madad Azerbaijan participated at the 17th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference (BakuTel) in Baku Expo Centre...

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    eTwinning Plus Expands
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    Madad Azerbaijan Procedures
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    Azerbaijan's Experience in ICT
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    Azerbaijani Educators Learn
    Peer Coaching and Mentorship
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    Madad Azerbaijan Teaches
    IT Skills for Medical Staff
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Mission Statement

Madad Azerbaijan is the national organization whose mission is to provide educational solutions for professional development and make innovation in learning accessible to governments, businesses, and policymakers.

About Madad Azerbaijan

Madad Azerbaijan was founded in 1999 and officially registered in 2000. With more than 12 years of experience and international expertise, Madad Azerbaijan contributed to the development of educational, ICT, socio-economic, and health sectors in the Republic of Azerbaijan through its creative and constructive approach.

Since 2005 Madad Azerbaijan partners with the Government of Azerbaijan to implement one of the five strands of the State Program on Integration of ICT in Education. As of 2013, Madad Azerbaijan programs reached and strengthened the capacities of more than 100,000 educators, medical staff and entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan's 39 regions.

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"It is just too easy to believe that ICT in Education is important because we witness the benefits daily. When you hear a parent saying that their child is keen to write or a teacher telling you that a class is engaged and focused you know that what you do is making difference."
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